goal setting

September 1st 2012, 6:03am I peeled myself from the bed, which, at that point, consisted of a mattress on the floor. Such is life when on the move and in transition. This was, in fact the third time in four months I’d been up-rooted in search of greener grass in the city of Toronto.   [...]

**Note: “The last thing the internet needs is another post on goal setting”…Then why the hell are so many people doing it wrong, or spinning their wheels? Allow me to lay out some tools you can use to accomplish more than ever before. You can do more, faster, than many would have you believe.** One of the [...]

Last time, I delved into the first 5 of 10 shoulder shredders you should be implementing at some point on your quest for physical domination. They’ve invariably played a key role in boosting that of my own, and personal client’s shoulder development in record time. If you haven’t already, check those out here. Fantastic tools [...]

The plan was to have a comprehensive article on deltoid decimation out for you guys. Alas, the best laid plans often fall through. Look out for that soon. Instead, it’s time for another quick update regarding my training, nutrition, mindset and plans moving forward. Hopefully, you can glean something to apply for yourself. Iv’e just [...]

This blog is intended to grow as a hub of resources, information and an expanding community. However, it will also document my latest quest: Become one of (if not THE) youngest male Canadians to be competing in the IFBB Men’s Physique class (Nick Mitchell, if you are reading, I can see your face now. Fear [...]

A 610lb deadlift, 450lb bench, 5% body fat, expert sprinter, marathon crusher, physique competitor, posing expert, gymnast, marathoner, Highland Games competitor, bodybuilder, precision athlete… All highly respected feats of physical domination, yet nearly impossible to accomplish all at once. The trap of being a Master Of None. In conversation with one of my most influential mentors, [...]