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Physique Asylum


Coming in the near future will be an open Web TV show, featuring experts from around the industry speaking on specific topics of interest. The focus will be on physique sculpting, nutrition manipulation, mindset, hormone optimization as well as general open Q&A sessions.

As well, the people sharing these insights are some of the most successful in their respective fields. This success isn’t by chance, so we will delve into their strategies for developing and maintaining thriving brands and businesses, as well as establishing lifestyles worth remembering. Because, everyone wants to be a badass. 

The purpose of this is to gather the diverse viewpoints of some of the brightest minds, and merge them to create a fluid philosophy. Dogma plagues the industry; the key is to “be like water” and embrace things that may not be in-line with your “beliefs”. Not everyone will agree, and that’s okay. This is simply a sounding board.

One of the biggest problems in this industry is the propensity to savagely rip apart other viewpoints in order to defend another, with nothing more than “it works for me” to back it up. Worse still, this often happens from the safety of the Internet, providing sanctuary for the “armchair experts” and contributes to the development of full-blown cults.

Research-backed, real, practical, quality and effective methods that suit the specific situation or training goal are what this show will focus on. Popular experts, as well as people you may have never come across will be featured to provide their answers for all of your burning questions.

Find out the how’s, why’s and when’s to how they craft the ultimate physique and lifestyle.

For topic requests, appearances, and specific questions you would like to ask, please comment below or message me directly through the contact form.

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