If you’ve just joined the party and haven’t read Part 1, it would behoove you to do-so now. Or not. Your choice. Read after, if you must, because of the cool picture on the left or the sound of my voice in your head. Part 1 is Part 1 for a reason. Anyways. I’m a nerd on [...]

In the beginning, there was strength. Strength got you big. Strength got you progress. Strength is still trusted, and true. Size however, is a beast of it’s own realm. Aesthetic, commanding slabs of muscle across lats, diamond delts, vascular arms and sweeping quads. In the quest to tame the beast of “size”, two camps have [...]

Let’s paint a picture of the internet: “Top 10 exercises to NEVER do” “Top 5 most dangerous exercises in the gym.” Lists leg curls… “You’re wasting your time with these 3 machines” “Drop your Leg Presses – Squat instead.” “Replace decline bench presses with standing single arm cable chest presses, because it transfers better to [...]

For When Having a “Butt” Just Isn’t Enough Anyone can have a “butt.” Having a “butt” is not enough when you find yourself in those emergency situations where a shelf is needed, yet none are in sight. An Ass™ (capitalized, and trademarked, obviously) fills that need, providing a shelf of shelves for all of the [...]

The subject of motivation is fascinating. It’s indisputable that, in the physique game, the core motivation is a pursuit of aesthetic appeal. A word used so lightly throughout the industry, yet rarely understood. What IS an aesthetic appeal? Does “aesthetic” go beyond simply the physique? What is at play, here? What is “aesthetics”? It’s quite [...]

 If you read the previous article you’ll know I used to be under impression that carbs=fat gain. Because insulin. Most of us have been there at some point. Even good ol’ Ben Pakulski was of same mindset, eating less carbs than some of my bikini girls. Yet, he’s now consuming no less than 300, up [...]

Where to start with the amount of carbs to eat? To get lean? To put on muscle? Well, that’s a beast of a topic. A few years back, close to when I graduated high school, I weighed a “solid” 155lbs at 5’10”. Shredded. Small as hell. For close to two years prior to this state, [...]

There’s a mythical land beyond the walls of ordinary gyms; one only whispered in bodybuilding lore. A land where, one “man” (let’s just call him that) is cursed across countries around the world, causing pain wherever his influence spreads. This pain, however, brings with it an abundance of joy and growth. This man’s disciples look [...]

Abdominal Development Debate: To Train, or Not To Train? You’ve seen people, (or perhaps experience it yourself) that are visually lean. Veins through the abdominals down through the pelvis, definition in at least the upper three quarters of the abs. Yet, for some reason, their gut still “hangs out” at the bottom. It’s not  fat [...]

Today, I bring you Aubrie De Sylva. One of the few women I know who will be approached on the gym floor by gorillas asking for advice on how to bring up their shoulder development, yet still pull off an impressively attractive physique. Demon quads, diamond delts, and a wasp waist. Aubs isn’t your typical [...]