The subject of motivation is fascinating. It’s indisputable that, in the physique game, the core motivation is a pursuit of aesthetic appeal. A word used so lightly throughout the industry, yet rarely understood. What IS an aesthetic appeal? Does “aesthetic” go beyond simply the physique? What is at play, here? What is “aesthetics”? It’s quite [...]

Today, the average “man” is a sad representation of the word. Nowhere is this more obvious than the weightroom floor. This is especially true when set head-to-head against a female counterpart. Yes, in all the clients and gyms I’ve worked with, and places I’ve been, women universally have more “grit” than men when it comes [...]

Ah function. One of the most abused terms in the fitness industry. The attempt to mimic our primal ancestors, natural movement patters, and sweat as much as possible. The ultimate goal of training. Not mine. The definition of function should be what an act (or in this case, exercise) produces, not what it looks like. [...]

To make drastic progress in changing any aspect of your physique, a change worthy of a transformation photo, you need to be willing to suffer. This post is not intended to be read from an elitist point of view, nor is it meant to discourage some trainees from their goals. This is simply an honest [...]

September 1st 2012, 6:03am I peeled myself from the bed, which, at that point, consisted of a mattress on the floor. Such is life when on the move and in transition. This was, in fact the third time in four months I’d been up-rooted in search of greener grass in the city of Toronto.   [...]

Focus, and eliminate the noise. For the sake of my sanity.   Box Jumps, Medicine Ball Twists, Slams, Battling Ropes, Rowers, Ladders, Reaction Drills….All may have their places within areas of the industry. The Fitness Industry is vast and welcoming to any goal you may have. In fact, it’s one of the major attractions people [...]

**Note: “The last thing the internet needs is another post on goal setting”…Then why the hell are so many people doing it wrong, or spinning their wheels? Allow me to lay out some tools you can use to accomplish more than ever before. You can do more, faster, than many would have you believe.** One of the [...]

Iv’e just returned from the largest contributor to my physical development and mental fortitude for the day: a 90 minute power nap. Rejuvenation, relaxation and clarity have set in. I take my body and training seriously. Since you are reading this, I assume you do – or would like to – as well. I thought [...]

This blog is intended to grow as a hub of resources, information and an expanding community. However, it will also document my latest quest: Become one of (if not THE) youngest male Canadians to be competing in the IFBB Men’s Physique class (Nick Mitchell, if you are reading, I can see your face now. Fear [...]