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Ah function. One of the most abused terms in the fitness industry. The attempt to mimic our primal ancestors, natural movement patters, and sweat as much as possible. The ultimate goal of training. Not mine. The definition of function should be what an act (or in this case, exercise) produces, not what it looks like. [...]

**The following is an expansion on a protocol that I contributed to John Romaniello and Adam Bornstein’s new book, Man 2.0: Engineering The Alpha. More specifically, this is just one of the experimental training protocols I contributed to the Bonus Experimental Workout package that comes with the book, when you buy it through the website. So, as [...]

Yesterday, I finished what was, for me,  one of the most gratifying, progressive, muscle-building training sessions of the year. My chest was electrified, stretching the fibers of my shirt, twitching with every move. Loads were increased by 10% across the board. Deep, meaningful, good pain caused by a powerful connection, the likes of which are rarely replicable. Perhaps the [...]

Focus, and eliminate the noise. For the sake of my sanity.   Box Jumps, Medicine Ball Twists, Slams, Battling Ropes, Rowers, Ladders, Reaction Drills….All may have their places within areas of the industry. The Fitness Industry is vast and welcoming to any goal you may have. In fact, it’s one of the major attractions people [...]

Female With Unlimited Potential (FWUP): “Josh, I just want to get toned, I don’t want to build muscle.” ME: “What is toned, to you, then?” FWUP: “You know, I want to see that line on my triceps, a line down the side of my leg where my hamstrings are, and a lifted butt…” ME: “Well, you [...]

**Note: “The last thing the internet needs is another post on goal setting”…Then why the hell are so many people doing it wrong, or spinning their wheels? Allow me to lay out some tools you can use to accomplish more than ever before. You can do more, faster, than many would have you believe.** One of the [...]

Welcome, welcome. Rise from the cesspool of crumbs, turkey, alcohol and flipped schedules. The holidays are for enjoyment, and I sure as hell hope you enjoyed yourself. The reduced activity on the blog, social networks and email probably indicated that I was having a blast – that indication would be 100% correct. In fact, my [...]

*Note: These are merely my experience and thoughts, combined with the wisdom of others. A true doctrine of shoulder training deserves a book – which have been (and are still being) written by some incredible physique experts. One such coach is Nick Mitchell of the UK, who wrote a fantastic piece on shoulder training HERE* [...]

“I said TWO shots of syrup, not one. And no whipped cream. Jesus.” “Sorry, sir. Would you like me to make you another drink?” “Obviously. This always happens. Where the hell is the cinnamon, anyways? Probably going to be late for work again.” “Your drink is coming right up, sir. Sorry, again.” “Whatever. I hate [...]