I’m Josh Hamilton. This is one of my online stomping grounds…

The Site: A Merging of Physique Enhancement and Health Optimization

The culmination of some of the brightest minds in the industry will manifest itself on these virtual walls in text, audio, and video.

In the Interviews section, you will find just that. A developing show of open, full-on, no holds barred conversations with professionals in all walks of the industry. Some, you will have heard of. Others, maybe not. It’s my mission to seek out the diversity in the industry and shove it into a melting pot of brilliant dynamism.

Nutritional optimization (relative to the goal), training advances, stories, interrogations, current events, open Q&A’s and even business development strategies will be discussed.

Blind dogma has no place. None. If your mind is not open to reasonable discussions of new or unconventional ideas (that make sense), you may leave now.

Along with this, I’ll share my own thoughts on nutritional strategies, training advice, lessons from past and present pioneers of physique-sculpting mastery, and general topics of relevance or random thoughts I think are of value. Insights from my journey to competition, photo shoots, everyday life and situations that can be applied to anyone from the professional to the weekend bellator or bellatrix.

One of the main themes here will be dissecting and paying respect to “The Greats” of the Golden Era. Personally, men like Frank Zane and Serge Nubret provide a strong beacon of motivation and interest. Compared to today’s titans of the professional stage, the physiques of the past are often looked upon as more attainable, and thus, desirable. The surge in popularity of natural bodybuilding competitions has been an example of this.

Sculptors, artists, pioneers of physical culture, call them what you wish. There is much to be learned on merging physique enhancement with health optimization from these men. As well, it’s intriguing to peer into the lives of legends, observing how things have changed, as well as what they had right all along.

Whatever your goal, gender or interest, you will find something here. I’m thrilled you could join.

The Owner: Josh Hamilton

The “Fitness Industry” led to my utter destruction. Mind, body, spirit. Gone.

I explain this in detail in this post. Check it out if you want a more personal look into where I come from.

In short, my journey to Hell and back has shaped where I am, and where I am going. This site it the embodiment of that.

I am forever indebted to the individuals whom I have had the privilege of meeting, interacting and getting to know in my journey thus far. I’m an avid believer in the importance of surrounding yourself with incredible people. From my family to friends, colleagues and everyone on this site (yes, you), I’ve learned first hand the power of good company. An army. A team. A brotherhood of incredible men and women is a key ingredient to greatness.

I train individuals from all walks of life, specializing in targeted physique development while optimizing health from all angles.

I enjoy almost nothing more than the opportunity to meet new people and share ideas, stories, challenges and blatant feats of awesomeness. (Please consult my colleague John Romaniello’s Scale Of Awesome at his site here. An essential tool in life.) 

Alright, enough of that.

Views on Training:

As the saying goes, just about any logical organization of training will work for a novice. I have a problem with this. Just as I have a problem with blind adherence to one single system or philosophy, the random application of throwing weights around without first taking into account the specific goals and starting point of the individual is moronic. Not to mention this neat thing called science.

I put great emphasis on learning as much as possible from a wide variety of thought leaders and innovators. Embracing different ideas, keeping what is useful and discarding the rest. This has built a diverse -unconventional at times- outlook on both the art and science of physique development.

There will always be essential principles that form the foundation of any program. Methods, however, can vary as much as a woman’s outfit before going out on the town. In the same way, many get overwhelmed with the sheer amount of options, wondering what will really fit and bring on the sex appeal. Get out the freaking door.

Simple and intelligent programming is often best, when paired with unwavering consistency. Simple, however, is not synonymous with easy. The routines of The Golden era were often quite simple, yet far from easy. A propensity to stray from what works in favor of the latest fad can lead to a dangerous cycle of stagnation and discouragement. It doesn’t matter if you are a woman seeking that lean and strong body, or a man simply on a mission to exchange the fat for muscle; it all applies.

This is not to say there is no innovation. Far from it.

The variance of methods mentioned above are one of the reasons I love what I do. Creativity must flow through the process of mapping to the ultimate physique for you. Taking into consideration the starting points, physiology, state of mind, commitment ability, nutritional status, environment and many others, no program is ever exactly the same. Thus there is NO ultimate or best program out there; it’s ever changing and provides an awesome challenge to face everyday.

This should make you happy; one program “to rule them all” would be woefully depressing to this entire industry.

Creativity most often doesn’t involve the treadmill…

But again, consistency trumps all. The only way to ensure consistency is to enjoy every (however grueling) minute of what you do, in and out of the gym.

Thoughts on Nutrition:

Essentially the same as above. I cannot possibly (nor should anyone claim to) suggest a blanket nutritional prescription or protocol that will meet any goal.

Sure, some aces of the industry have “protocols”. These are templates designed to insert specific recommendations, not solidified rules, amounts and ratios.

As with training, foundational principles apply, but the variants of these principles are vast. I know men and women who could step on stage right now, completely shredded and healthy. Yet, somehow got there by eating two meals per day, while others took a six meal approach.

Likewise, I know of endurance athletes on extremely high carb protocols, and some that simply “load” once before their race on an otherwise fat-dominant approach.

I’ve experimented (and still do) with many different protocols, themes, approaches and philosophies, learning new lessons from each. This, combined with constant immersion in different sources has led me to take a very pragmatic and analytical approach when optimizing nutrition to produce a desired change.

“Change” is in reference to radical, positive gains in body composition (muscle gain and fat loss in all the right places). Essentially looking like a chiseled Greek Adonis, while functioning like an F-1.

That’s what we do. Assess the situation, where you need to go, and the best path to take you there. There is no dogma or extremist approaches involved.

Consult your nearest self-proclaimed “zealot” if that’s what you seek.


I’ve moved across the country, then the world, then several times, alone, to surround myself with the brightest coaches, trainers, authors, scientists and other great minds. As a West Coast surfer guy at heart, it can be easy for me to feel like a fish out of water in a concrete jungle. I have had the privilege to meet some of the most intelligent and kind individuals, to whom I am indebted too. Education from the source of the information  has led to an ever expanding repertoire of methods and strategies to achieve almost any goal. A repertoire I am truly passionate about utilizing to enhance the bodies and lives of those willing.

Welcome, take a look around. My goal here is to provide you with the greatest amount of value possible to help in your journey, wherever that may begin. And, please, let’s not take ourselves too fucking seriously.

To all of you that read, watch, contribute and share – thank you. Hours of sweat and bits of my soul will plaster these walls, all driven by the passion that radiates from you all.

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