December 2012

Last time, I delved into the first 5 of 10 shoulder shredders you should be implementing at some point on your quest for physical domination. They’ve invariably played a key role in boosting that of my own, and personal client’s shoulder development in record time. If you haven’t already, check those out here. Fantastic tools [...]

Last week, I engaged the topic of effective deltoid training, and gave some examples of how to construct different workouts. Check it out HERE, then come back. After several emails, it became painfully clear to me that a lot of gym-goers are in desperate need of variety. “My god. Really, when I thought of shoulder [...]

*Note: These are merely my experience and thoughts, combined with the wisdom of others. A true doctrine of shoulder training deserves a book – which have been (and are still being) written by some incredible physique experts. One such coach is Nick Mitchell of the UK, who wrote a fantastic piece on shoulder training HERE* [...]

The plan was to have a comprehensive article on deltoid decimation out for you guys. Alas, the best laid plans often fall through. Look out for that soon. Instead, it’s time for another quick update regarding my training, nutrition, mindset and plans moving forward. Hopefully, you can glean something to apply for yourself. Iv’e just [...]