November 2012

“I said TWO shots of syrup, not one. And no whipped cream. Jesus.” “Sorry, sir. Would you like me to make you another drink?” “Obviously. This always happens. Where the hell is the cinnamon, anyways? Probably going to be late for work again.” “Your drink is coming right up, sir. Sorry, again.” “Whatever. I hate [...]

Iv’e just returned from the largest contributor to my physical development and mental fortitude for the day: a 90 minute power nap. Rejuvenation, relaxation and clarity have set in. I take my body and training seriously. Since you are reading this, I assume you do – or would like to – as well. I thought [...]

Recently, I made my quest for the IFBB stage as one of the youngest Men’s Physique competitors public, throwing it out for the world to see and join in. The response was surprising and extremely encouraging. Apparently, people actually  want to see me succeed on some level. This is good news. If you are arriving fashionably [...]

The strongest of “good intentions” are always present when preparing to embark on a significant nutritional or lifestyle oriented shift. Bullshit, I say. Useless notions of comfort, if not accompanied by one of the most important weapons in your physique sculpting arsenal: Preparation I’m often approached by people, many people, such as: A fellow trainer [...]

This blog is intended to grow as a hub of resources, information and an expanding community. However, it will also document my latest quest: Become one of (if not THE) youngest male Canadians to be competing in the IFBB Men’s Physique class (Nick Mitchell, if you are reading, I can see your face now. Fear [...]